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When do I use MedCo?

From April 2015 the first medical report for all road traffic accident soft tissue injury claims must be a fixed cost medical report sourced through the MedCo portal. MedCo only applies to the initial report. Second, or subsequent reports, treatment and rehabilitation, or for claims outside of this criteria, can be instructed directly via email on or by calling 01473 835742.

How do I use MedCo?

Claimant solicitors and insurers must register for MedCo, please click here if you have not already registered.  

Once registered and logged in, the MedCo portal will provide the following options;

  •  First you must select either a medical reporting organisation (MRO) or a medical expert from a randomly generated list.
  • If you select 'MRO' MedCo will geneate a random list of two Tier 1 providers and ten Tier 2 providers.
  • If you select 'medical expert' MedCo will generate a random list of seven experts. Please note, if you choose to instruct a medical expert directly the £180 cost will still apply and you will be responsible for all administration and funding.

If IPRS Medlegal is generated as an option in your MedCo search results you can use your usual method of instruction. If you are new to us you can use the integrated system or contact us directly via email on or by calling 01473 835742.

Why choose IPRS Medlegal?

  • Completely independent from any third party organisations.
  • Nationwide network of medical experts covering all medical disciplines.
  • High standards of data protection and information security including ISO compliance.
  • Unrivalled medical expertise with over 21 years of experience in delivering clinical care and treatment.
  • IT platforms which offer convenient and cost effective solutions.
  • All reports are thoroughly checked from beginning to end to ensure Civil Procedure Rules compliance.
  • Additional range of specialist services and diagnostics including; physiotherapy, psychological rehabilitation, CBT treatment, MRI scans, surgical procedures, scans and x-rays.
  • Excellent quality of service from the moment you choose to instruct us until the claims process is complete.

If you have any questions about the MedCo portal or would like to start using IPRS Medlegal please don’t hesitate to get in touch.