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About IPRS Medlegal

carpicIPRS Medlegal is the newest strand within the IPRS Group launching in 2016. We work closely with our comprehensive medical expert network to deliver high quality, independent medico-legal reports and assessments to the legal profession and insurance sector, in a convenient and prompt manner. We are listed on Tier 2 of MedCo and can also be instructed directly on non-soft tissue injury claims via email on or by calling 01473 835742.

As well as providing medical reports across the UK, we are in a unique position to take advantage of the clinical care delivered by our associate business IPRS Health, who have been providing clinical treatment for over 21 years. We are able to arrange specialist services and diagnostics including; physiotherapy, psychological rehabilitation, CBT treatment, MRI scans, surgical procedures, scans and x-rays. We have strong relationships with national and private hospitals and specialists to ensure this process is as smooth, efficient and cost effective as possible.

In this ever changing market we understand the changing needs of our clients and as a result have developed a ‘one stop shop’ integrating the necessary and required legal procedure with our medical expert network, along with medical treatment and rehabilitation services.


Martyn Jackson

IPRS Group CEO Martyn is responsible for the overall philosophy and direction of IPRS. He is a highly successful and experienced business director, who has constantly delivered within a complex and highly competitive UK, European and world-wide, healthcare service sector.

Rhian Lowe

In-house Solicitor & Client Relationship Manager Prior to working with IPRS, Rhian spent 5 years working as a solicitor specialising in Civil Litigation and Personal Injury and has a great understanding of the industry. Rhian has been influential in developing and growing our client base as well as dealing with any legal queries.